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Love songs (?) about strangers.


released February 14, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Niagara Balls.
Cover photo: Tasha and [unnamed indie musician] 2008.



all rights reserved



2010-2015. A couple of girls laughing at their own jokes. 100% DIY.

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Track Name: Jimmy Pop Goes My Heart
I don't believe in guilty pleasures
But my hearts full of guilt
My friends don't think you're up to measure
They tell me that you're filth
No they can't understand what I see in a man
Who still sings jokes about boobs
But I've got a few stupid songs of my own
And this one is for you

All my feminist friends say it doesn't make sense
But my heart drops for Jimmy Pop
It doesn't match with my taste in men
But my heart drops for Jimmy Pop
And I'm sure I sound so over dramatic
But I know that he's pretty problematic
(pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop)
I'm in love with you

When I first heard the Bloodhound Gang back in 1999
I'll admit I didn't understand the humour at the time
You sang about the bad touch and I didn't get the punchlines
But I liked all of your references to Pixies songs and Simpsons rhymes
Underneath the baseball cap I bet you're quite a clever guy
You just choose to act like you do coz that's where your fanbase lies
No one ever takes my fondness for you with sincerity
But if I had one wish you would
*Kiss me where it smells funny*

Serenade me with your Pennsylvanian "A".
Track Name: Zayn Malik in a Dress
Simple words can not express
Zayn Malik in a dress
The skirt
The blouse
The hair
The heels
No one knows just how I feel.

When I first saw him, it messed me up.
Track Name: Jim Carrey
I think you're B-E-Autiful
Yeah you're pretty smokin'
You make me feel so funny whenever you are jokin'
Let's P-A-R-T-why?
Because I gotta have you
I promise I would never lie
and I won't mess with the 'do
I can't see anything that I don't like about you
Though Ace Ventura didn't age as well as you do
I still like all your silly looks
but I'm not gonna let you off the hook
Riddle me this, riddle me that
Would you joke those gross jokes back?
I know you're not a bad guy, and I don't wanna start a fight
So in case I don't see you
Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight
Don't you want somebody to love?
because I like you, I like you a lot
I promise I'm not a total la-hoo-ser
So all you have to say is
"Alrighty then."
Track Name: What's With Cuomies Dissin' These Girls
Back in '95, yeah I was only nine
Turned on my desktop, and then my heart stopped
When I was 15, Pinkerton found me
It was so gloomy, I swear it knew me

(Cheesy fangirling chorus)

When I was really young
Thought you could do no wrong
Then I got older and couldn't quite sing along
What did those girls do to you
to make you write like you do?
I wonder if you still think about them like you used to

I used to wish that you would write all of the songs about me
I could be another Susanne, Wanda, or a Jamie
I know you're older now so I hope that you're nicer too
if you ever wrote a song about me like I wrote one for you

What's with you dissing all of these girls?